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Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner Feature on the NBC Today Show – July 12, 2018

Lifestyle expert Jenn Falik discusses with Hoda Kotb how the Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner is the best grill brush choice as a “Better Basic for Summer” to improve your everyday life.

Wipe last night’s dinner off your grill

Safe Bristle-Free BBQ Grill Cleaning with the Q-Swiper, plus you get a clean & healthy grill every time you cook. Stop reusing a dirty brush, pad or wooden scraper to try to getdirty grill grates clean, instead use a new clean Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning Wipe.

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner – Review & Demonstration

This video is the review & demonstration of the Q-Swiper. This is a barbecue grill cleaning system that can remove the grease and grime. It will make the grilling experience safer and much healthier. The system comes with a brush and cleaning wipes.

Grill Grates Cleaning Competition: Q-Swiper vs. A Wood Grill Scraper

What’s best to clean your grill grates? Watch how the Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner swipes away the grease and grime that a Wood Grill Scraper leaves behind. Plus with the Q-Swiper you use a clean fresh wipe every time to clean you grill grates.

Q-Swiper – Bristle-Free and Wire Free BBQ Grill Brush Cleaning

A new safe bristle-free way to remove grease and grime from your BBQ grill. Use the Q-Swiper Grill Brush with Stainless Steel Scraper and tough moist grill cleaning Q-Swiper Wipes every time you cook for a clean and healthy grill.

Retailer’s Choice Award

The Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner was awarded a Retailer’s Choice Award as one of the most outstanding and innovative products at the May 2018 National Hardware Show. Judges were impressed we invented a bristle-free safe grill brush system with a replaceable wipe to help get your grill grates cleaner.

The Grommet Live: Q-Swiper Safe BBQ Grill Brush Product Recap

Watch Mike and Charlotte discuss the features and benefits of the innovative Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner Kit which includes a safe bristle-free Q-Swiper Grill Brush with Scraper and innovative Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Wipes.