We want to make your
grilling experience better

If you are an Enthusiastic Griller and just love to fire up your BBQ grill or smoker then look no further to the Proud Grill Company to help make your grilling experience better, healthier and safer with our line of innovative grilling products!

Enjoy better tasting Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Burgers or whatever you love to cook from a Cleaner, Healthier grill!

Introducing the new
Q-SWIPER™ Grill Cleaner

We have just launched our innovative first new product the Q-SWIPER™ BBQ Grill Cleaning System. This patent pending BBQ Grate Cleaner helps swipe away grease and grime every time you cook for a Clean and Healthy Grill. The Q-Swiper combines a bristle free grill brush with tough BBQ Grill wipes.

Clean your grill grates with a safe grill brush…no need to worry about potentially dangerous wire bristles getting dislodged onto food. Stop cleaning your grill with a dirty BBQ Brush, pad or wooden scraper and start cleaning with a safe and new Q-SWIPER™ wipe before you grill.