Heatshield BBQ Glove

Get the Reliable Heat Protection you need​ with Kevlar® fibers and a long split leather​ cuff to protect you hands, wrist and arm.​

Our HeatShield BBQ Glove is​ made in France and built with ​Kevlar® fibers and lined with wool​ (rather than cotton).​

Our HeatShield Glove provides cut and heat protection for all your grilling ​needs. One Size fits either hand.​

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Heat Protection

The Proud Grill HeatShield™ Protective BBQ Glove is built with Kevlar® fibers and is EN407 heat resistant certified to provide heat protection to 250°C/482°F for 15 seconds with internal tests showing good integrity for short heat exposure at 500°C/932°F for up to 8 seconds.

Usage, Warnings and Care

  • Use a light grip and quick touch to gauge heat before handling hot, dry BBQ accessories or with any grilling applications. Gloves do not provide permanent protection.​
  • Caution: Do not use over open flame, handling fire logs, molten metal or hot wet items.
  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Air dry.​