Q-Swiper® BBQ Grill Cleaner

Grill cleaning made easy!

How does the Q-SWIPER® BBQ grill cleaner work?

The Q-SWIPER makes Grill Cleaning Easy and consists of a Q-Swiper Grill Brush with Stainless Steel Scraper and the Q-SWIPER BBQ Grill Cleaning wipes. Our starter set includes 1 Bristle-Free Grill Brush and a package of 25 Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning wipes. The Q-SWIPER wipes are also available in a 40 count refill.

The Q-SWIPER® is loaded with features to help clean grill grates easier! The Moist Food Safe Tough Cleaning Wipes will clean and absorb grease from cooking surfaces while the Powerful Omni-Directional 3D Cleaning Nodules help swipe away tough grill grime.

The Q-SWIPER® swipes away grease and grime for a clean and healthy grill. Use a new clean wipe every time you barbecue and stop reusing a dirty grill brush, soiled pad or filthy wood scraper to clean dirty grill grates. With the Q-SWIPER® you taste your food not your grill.

Key benefits of using the Q-SWIPER® BBQ grill cleaner

It's Easier Plus...

It's Safer

  • Clean your grill grates with a safe grill brush cleaning system
  • Bristle Free and Wire Free Cleaning
  • No need to worry about potentially harmful steel wire grill brush bristles getting dislodged onto food and dangerously ingested
  • Q-SWIPER® Cleaning Wipes remove grease to cut down on dangerous flare-ups
  • Uses recognized food contact safe ingredients and natural cleaning agents derived from corn and coconuts.

It's Healthier

  • Use a new clean Q-SWIPER® moist BBQ grill cleaning wipe before every time you cook for a clean & healthy grill.
  • Stop reusing a dirty BBQ Grill Brush, soiled scrub pad or wooden scraper over and over again to clean your dirty grill grates…it just doesn’t make any sense.
  • Removes the risk and threat of harmful bacteria build-up on your grill.

It's Cleaner

  • Enjoy better tasting food cooked on your grill and not the greasy remnants from the last time you barbecued.
  • The Q-SWIPER® Cleaning Wipes are moistened with natural cleaning agents that swipe away grease & grime.
  • A clean grill will deter pests and insects from making your BBQ their home.

Buy the easy to use Q-SWIPER® for a clean and healthy grill

How to use the Q-SWIPER® BBQ grill cleaner

Use only on a cool bbq grill before you cook. Do not use over an open flame or on a hot grill.

Remove a moist Q-SWIPER® Wipe from the package and affix the wipe to the bottom of the Q-Swiper® barbecue grill brush pad with the special omni-directional cleaning nodules on the outside.

Position the barbecue grill brush in the middle of the wipe. Wrap each side of the wipe around our safe grill brush and push them into the four rubber inserts to keep the wipe secure.

While the grill is cool use the stainless steel scraper to remove burnt-on food particles stuck to the grill.

The grill scraper has side grill grooves to help clean grill grates between the grill bars (depending on the grill style). Do not use the grill scraper on porcelain coated grills to avoid chipping the coating.

Press firmly and swipe the grill of dirt, grease and grime. Use the side of the handle to clean between grill grates.

Remove wipe and clean grill scraper with unsoiled portion and discard the soiled Q-SWIPER® Wipe.


Ideal for all BBQ grilling surfaces including Stainless Steel and Porcelain-coated grill surfaces. Portable to use for Outdoor Cooking Grills, Camping Trips, Public BBQ’s and Tailgate Parties.