Ultraversatile Grill Basket

​Easily separate your food the way you want it grilled because the 2 dividers let you customize your cooking space.

The removable handle can fit ​on all 4 sides providing ultimate versatility. ​

The grill basket can be ​placed vertically or horizontally​ on most grills. ​

Easy to use, position each ​section over the desired ​cooking heat.​

You can load up the large 12” by 7.5” cooking surface by putting the dividers on the end positions.​

Fits on most grills including​ Smokers and Kamado grills.​

Get the Ultraversatile Grill Basket

How to Use

  • Place dividers into desired position, there are 5 positions to choose from​.
  • To use the whole basket place dividers at the end positions.
  • To use handle, squeeze on the grip to insert ends in the slots on any of the 4 sides. To remove, squeeze the grip to release the rounded ends from the slot​.

Care Instructions

  • All stainless steel grill baskets will discolor or blacken especially ​over high heat.​
  • To avoid sticking, grease with oil or no-stick cooking spray.
  • To clean, first use a non-abrasive sponge to remove baked-on foods and stains before washing​.
  • Dishwasher safe.​
  • For easy storage place the dividers in the end positions and place handle inside basket​.