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Q-Swiper Steam Clean Bundle


Clean with the Power of Steam! This innovative bristle-free Grill Cleaner is a safe, easy way to clean your grill when it is hot. Attach a reusable Heat Resistant Cleaning Cloth made with 100% Kevlar® to the brush and dip in water to swipe away tough grill grease & grime. Bundle includes: 1 Grill Brush plus 4 Heat Resistant Cleaning Cloths + 1 Dipping Tray.

  • Easy to use – Attach reusable heat resistant Kevlar® Grill Cleaning cloth to brush and use on a hot grill (around 400°F). 4 Cloths included.
  • Heat Resistant Cleaning Cloth is made with 100% Kevlar fibers. Cloth is reusable over 15 times and dishwasher safe. Bristle Free and Wire Free Cleaning.
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